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    man its tiring. Opened a new restaurant which is a new novelty in our area. I have a great boss and co workers and we have a great crew but we are getting our butts kicked and handed to us nearly every day [​IMG] Boss said shes going to hire more people soon. We lost some people already that couldnt handle the demands. Theres no time to train people so you just get tossed into the bull ring and pray you come out alive. But so far even though i broke down in tears to hub after yesterday didnt go so well and i was overwhelmed. I went back and worked until 1 am and my boss even helped me last night I was burried [​IMG] even though i felt ike an idiot having to have her help me. So I worked from 10 am to 5pm and then went back in and worked 7pm to 1 am. Paydays on on friday and we havent received our checks yet she promised to have them to us by monday:fl
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    Hang in there and congrats on your new, very hectic job!
    Don't feel bad about needing help from your boss, that is what they are there for.
    i know of a laundry/Housekeeping supervisor in a health care facility that in her 4 (?) years there has not once worked a shift for her workers... will even let them work skeleton crew short and STILL not, illness, doesn't matter. She will never even take up to half a shift. They HATE her.

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