Lovely and FRIENDLY Good laying Hatchery RIR flock for sale in Napa

One Chick Two

6 Years
Jun 13, 2013
We have been breeding our hatchery RIR for 4 years, choosing the hens with the best laying abilities, and solid bodies with the best type. Even though these are not heritage birds, for ex- hatchery birds, these are a good looking bunch of birds that lay extremely well, and have AMAZING, friendly and smart personalities! These guys LOVE people, and I mean LOVE! Lap chickens for sure.

There's about 10 1YO hens, a bunch of pullets (10?) and 2 gorgeous, sweet cockerels. I would like these sweeties to go to a good, loving home, so I have a reasonable price to take all. I will count them and post later- it's just not easy to round all of them up as they are experienced freerangers, and excellent mousers! (Just a note, some of the hens are molting, and have rooster feather damage.) They have been dipped for pests.
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