Lovely gray Japanese bantam hen - 1 year old, OEGB hen 1 yr, bantam cochin pullet 12 weeks


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Apr 21, 2012
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I have a precious gray Japanese bantam hen. She's the sweetest little thing. -is perpetually broody, however. She is an excellent mother. -placed a newly hatched chick under her in June, and she cared for it so wonderfully! -in August, she went broody again. She is a relentless nest-sitter. I love her very much, but have had to bring her indoors now for the past three weeks due to the excessive heat. If a good broody is needed, she's your gal!

I have a fabulous OEGB hen! She is absolutely precious! -has been looking after the little bantam cochin pullet whilst Mama Japanese bantam has returned to sitting the nest. She is very shrewd and alert - one of my best to notify the flock to predators! -excellent egg-layer!!

Finally, I have THE most stunning white cochin bantam pullet - 12 weeks old. -gorgeous bird!

All birds are very healthy and have been pampered and spolied! They've been used to nesting on white, fluffy hand towels, consuming NatureSmart organic feed, and enjoying organic treats from our garden. I would love to see them go to a wonderfully caring home! We are going to concentrate all efforts on our 7 standard birds.
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Yes. We still have them. I closed the classified for lack of interest. Little Tux is STILL broody (6 weeks or so, now.) The weather is cooling off somewhat, and I won't stress over her on the nest any longer. I was very, very worried about the high temps in the coop. -had to keep several fans out there. -made for some stress.
My daughter LOVES them and (although I would prefer to concentrate on our large birds) we've decided to just keep them here together. I suppose three 'little bits' aren't that big of a deal - especially with fall and winter around the corner.
That's great, thanks for the reply. I found an awesome breeder in our area so I will be picking some laying hens up from them :)

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