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May 1, 2013
Hello! I've only had chickens since the beginning of April and have learned a lot from this site. We got started with chickens when my parents decided to start raising them on their acreage. They are raising Rhode Island Red, Australorp, Silver Wyandotte, and some black star and gold star chicks.

My kids have been wanting silkies for a couple of years after seeing them at the state fair. So now that there's a home for them, we own nine four-week-old silkie chicks -- three buffs (Flame, Lou, and Peep), four splashes (Thunder, Lightening, Blizzard and Snow), one white (Cottonball) and one partridge (Professor Fluffles). The kids are in love these chicks and most have tentative genders -- Cottonball is a "she" for now because my ten-year-old daughter doesn't want a boy chicken. Professor Fluffles is a "he" because everyone thinks it already acts like a roo. He's almost always erect and alert and constantly has half the flock of silkies around him. The kids know that any chick could turn out to be any gender, but don't like calling them "its." My thirteen-year-old is hoping for a good mix of both genders because he's interested in genetics and breeding. We'll see if that happens. I can't go around building chicken coops all over my parents' place to house silkies. :)

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sure you can keep building coops around your parent's place - then they can get addicted to chickens too

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