Low Cost / Free Health Care Clinics


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Jul 9, 2008
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I know times are hard for alot of people and many have lost their jobs. I recieved this link from a friend and wanted to share it with everyone on here because it may help you or someone you know.

just type in your area / info and it will show you the locations / places you can get free healthcare; it is on a sliding scale (based off your income) or if you can pay or not. If you cant pay, they will not deny you from what I've been told.


Blessings to all...

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Oct 24, 2008
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We have a free health center near where I live I think it is great, there are many people who do not and can not afford health coverage in our area. I have never been to the clinic, but I have heard that the days it is open it is packed and some folks are not able to be seen after waiting for hours. They are not able to take appointments to be seen, it is a first come first serve basis, but for you gotta take the good with the bad, and thank God for doctors who donate their time for no money at all to help people who cannot afford to pay but are suffering. Great doctors in my own opinion.

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