Low Cost Hawk Deterrents

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  1. Big Cluck

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    Jun 6, 2015
    Worcester county, Ma.
    Most of my hawk deterrents are modifications of other people ideas that I have found by searching on line. I will be attaching pictures tomorrow.

    I have a "Chicken Web" over a portion of my yard that is made out of fishing line and 5ft lenghts of 1/2 in PVC pipes. This was my most expensive project. It cost about $25 to buy the pipes, fishing line and connecters. I may have been able to find used or unwanted pipes on Freecycle, but it was worth the monitary investment to get the project done quickly in this case. It was made by mounting the pipes on the chicken coop, clothes line, grapevine, fence and a tree. Once my pipes were in place, I threaded the fishing line through the connectors creating a "web"

    I have made windsocks out of empty feed sacks that I have hung on the worlds ugliest shed, built by my significant other. He says they look like trash, I think they compliment the sheds style. I layed the feed sacks flat and cut it into 1 1/2-2 inch strips from the open end (top) to towards the closed end (bottom), stopping about 6 in from the closed end I cut a slit in each side of the bag in the 6 in section. I stapled corners of the closed end together. I hung them from the shed by some used window screen spline. I stapled the spline to the closed end of the sack and the other end of the spline to the shed. This project had no cost, all of the materials were repurposed [​IMG]

    I mounted one 5ft lenght of PVC pipe (left over from the chicken web project) to the toilet vent pipe on our roof using zip ties. On the top end of the PVC pipe I attached a kite using another zip tie. The kite was left behind by a former tenant and all other materials were left over from other projects. So no direct cost on this one either! [​IMG]

    We have a plastic owl that was given to us by a friend. My children have fun moving it to different locations around the yard. I was picking grapes a few weeks ago and had a small heart attack when I noticed it peering through the leaves at me. [​IMG] The children and spouse found that hilarious! [​IMG]

    I am going to be looking for some plastic crows on clearance after halloween.

    Stay tuned for pictures!!

    I dont know if any of these things work, but I have not had a hawk attack since putting these things out!! I hope people find these things helpful in keeping your flocks safe.
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  2. cavemanrich

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    Apr 6, 2014
    Melrose Park Illinois
    Great ideas, Keep us posted on how well they work. [​IMG]
  3. fayediddles

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    Jun 11, 2015
    has any of this worked? I'm having Crow problems too and need advice on scaring them away. would love to see ur pics when you get them finished
  4. MysteriaSdrassa

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    May 26, 2015
    Central Wisconsin
    My advice to you is DON'T. Crows are a chicken owners best friend. They drive away hawks. So unless they are being completly destructive I would say keep them around.
  5. Teila

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    Ah Crows! The bane of my chicken keeping [​IMG] to the point that I have a thread about the evil black @#$%^’s


    Yes, all my research indicates that they keep Hawks away and in the 5 years I have lived here, I saw my first Hawk the other day, very high and just passing through .. may be I have the Crows to thank for that, but sometimes I wonder if the amount of distraction, angst and destruction they have put me through is worth it [​IMG]
  6. Big Cluck

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    Jun 6, 2015
    Worcester county, Ma.
    Ok, so, I have not taken the pictures yet. I have been busy and havent gotten to it.

    I had lots of plans for today but they were all derailed by yet another hawk attack![​IMG][​IMG]

    Today it was our pullet Roberta, She survived with puncture wounds to the head. We have been giving her Save-A-Chick electrolyte every hour with an eye dropper. She is getting stronger. She will not open her eyes. she was bleeding from her eyes and her nostrils when I scared the hawk off, as soon as the hawk let her go she jumped up and ran to me. she was very weak. she is improving.

    So In short, this is the first hawk that I have seen in a while. The deterrants seemed to be working. I think with the cold weather setting in the hawks food supply is scarce, also the girls were attacked in an area that I did not have many deterrants. It is an area that is normally covered by plants, but most have died back this time of year. If anyone has any advise to nursing poor Roberta back to health please see my thread in the injuries and emergencies category. Thanks!!

    fayediddles Ill take any extra crows, Ill even pay shipping!! lol

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