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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by huntinwidow, Mar 14, 2009.

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    I am establishing a new coop with a wood floor. I will have a 24x35 run if I can ever get my husband to finish the fence.[​IMG] My question is what is the most economical source for litter. I have read on byc that most are using pine shavings but the only place I know to get them is as pet bedding. My coop is about 160 sf and I will not be able to afford that as pet bedding. Any ideas or sugesstions?[​IMG]
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    Only use the shavings in there nest boxs not on the entire floor area.
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    I think putting the shavings across the entire floor will make clean up ALOT easier. Plus, it gives them something to roll around and scratch in.

    You aren't thinking of putting bedding though out the entire outdoor run are you?? That would cost a fortune.

    I think the last "bale" of bedding I bought was about $5.00 each. My indoor area is about 9' x 20'. when it all gets cleaned it usually takes 3 to give me a couple inches of bedding. Outside, I just keep re-seeding grass as they destroy it. [​IMG]
  4. I use pine peat or composted pine needles. There is a cluster of old pine trees. I just remove the top layer of needles and there are several inches of composted pine needles. It is much like peat moss but, less dusty and absorbs moisture without getting soggy. Works great also as a replacement for peat moss in potted plants.
  5. Your local feed store should carry compressed bags of shavings.
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    They are MUCH cheaper at the feed store [​IMG] To lightly/moderately bed a 10x16 coop would be maybe $10-15.

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    Feed stores have fairly inexpensive shavings. If you want massive quantities though for real cheap (we used to have a dozen horses stalled 12hrs a day) go check out a local mill or look around at classified ads. You can get entirely truckloads of shavings for real cheap. $30 to fill a small oat wagon the one year. They aren't screened shavings so they are extremely dusty and with chunks of wood in them but they are real cheap.
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    I get the big compressed bales of shavings at TSC for $5
  9. I use the hay that falls under my hay rack as long as it is dry. It makes great bedding that produces less dust. I use it in my nesting boxes too. You can twist it into a neat little nest. If one of my hens breaks an egg in the box, the hay nest comes right out and I make a clean one. I have used pine shavings too, but the hay goes a long way.
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    i just bought 18 bales of wheat straw at $3 each, it should last for a yr. and the chickens luv picken thru it for the seeds and wheat

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