Low-fat, no fat.

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    So recently, my DH has been diagnosed w/Pancreatitis. He has to be on a low fat, no fat diet. The problem is that the man does not eat fish, doesn't like chicken and only eats certain veggies. He likes beans, peas, carrots and corn. Sometimes I can get him to eat Asparagus and brussel sprouts.

    Does anyone have suggestions on low fat, no fat meals w/beef and pork and still make the meals interesting?
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    For low fat beef, you are gonna have to get creative, like only use London Broil and never tell him he isn't getting a sirloin. I have the same kind of a man at home and I have to sneak in the kitchen so he doesn't see me rinse of the ground beef with hot water - which helps a lot. Spice the ground beef after rinsing it. I have the london broil ground up for me at the butcher counter at the store and so far he doesn't seem to know the difference. As long as he can have his pudding he doesn't seems to care much.
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    Deer, buffalo, ostrich etc are typically low in fat and (usually) easy to get at the larger meat markets.

    There's nothing wrong with protein from beans an lintels. Millions of people live completely meat free.

    He gets a chioce, Eat right or die....seems cut and dry to me...

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