Low To The Ground Run Cleaning?


Mar 4, 2018
Waynesville, NC
So for those of you who have a low to the ground run, how do you clean it without being able to get inside? I'm having the hardest time figuring out how to do this without breaking down and building a run that's 6' high. We're still in the planning stages, so any advice is helpful.

We figured the cheapest option would be some metal or wood fence posts and HWC or chicken wire, securely attached to the coop door. Something like the attached picture. I've searched the forum, and found some good run ideas, but I don't want to build this thing and not have a way to clean it!

They'll have free range of the fenced in yard we've dedicated for them while I'm home, but this will be something where they can roam a little during the day if I'm not home.

Maybe make it so the top comes off or opens on hinges. I like a solid roof on my runs as it stops wild birds perching and pooping which potentially could make your birds sick. It also stops the run becoming soaked when it rains, and your birds aren't stuck in the coop all day in stormy weather. Just ensure it is predator proof.
If it's as small as the one in the photo you could just pick up the entire thing to clean. If you're thinking much larger scale... opt for a walk-in. :p As someone with back issues there's nothing worse than having to stoop over to clean out a coop/run/anything.

Do note that the run in the photo is not predator proof for anything other than aerial predators, if that's a concern for you.

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