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My Coop
So we bought one of the metal DIY shed kits for $280 at Lowes. The 8x10 size. It's up, but we need to move it. LOL We hhhmmmed and haaawweed over wood vs metal. We opted for metal, that we'll insulate with foam board and that wood paneling stuff you use over basement walls (to keep the girls from pecking the foam and to make it look finished)

We chose that for the weight... good thing, since we decided to move it across the yard. Still need to cut holes in it for windows and a pop door. We're going to sandwhich the metal between wood framing for easier cutting. Then line the cut with more wood, to avoid sharp edges and to finish it out. I'm surprised at how sturdy it is actually. The windows will have supports that go all the way to the floor. I'm going to build a smaller structure within it to heat with a light, instead of heating the whole thing. Another area will be partitioned off for feed and supplies, so that it's all self containing. I don't plan on making it all bird friendly, since I will be tempted to reach max capacity in birds. LOL

Need to build the run too, was thinking 8x10, and then leaving enough room on the other side for another 8x10 run. Making 16x20 total outdoor space, if needed. Then I could rotate to allow for green stuff to grow, so that it doesn't go to dirt so quickly. Sort of like rotating pasture for cattle I guess.

Nesting boxes are the stacking storage totes. Thick plastic, easy to clean. You can stack them, or bolt them to the wall. My birds seem to like the bottom of the stack. The front is lowered, with enough bottom space for bedding and a large hen. Looks made for it!

5 lb PVC feeders have yet to be made. Using no-flip dog bowls for now. Got rabbit wire instead of chicken wire, paranoid about coons and opossums.

By the time it's all said and done with, should have $500 in everything. We were spending $12 a month in eggs... so in 41 months we'll see a "return". Unless I get enough girls to sell some, and I've had requests... so we'll see.

Photos later.
we also have used the same kind of building and it works great!

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