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  1. Well, finally I can feel a little safer for my chickens. The large bobcat that has been coming in and killing my chickens is finally caught. It had become so bold, it came up the steps to my back porch and stole a hen! This wk it came in 3 times in one day, killed my beautiful large Cochin hen but the llamas scared it away, so it came back and grabbed the Cochen rooster right when I was on the porch. Fortunately, I yelled and the roo. got away and is doing fine now but lost a lot of feathers. Thank goodness for those puffy feathers or it would have been his NECK! I called the US Dept of Ag. and they sent a trapper out yesterday afternoon. He put the dead hen in the trap and this morning the bobcat was in there. I was feeling real bad for the cat but the trapper took him alive to replant up in the mt's above here in safer territory. (they are not really suppose to do that so you didn't here it here!) 2 wks ago he had to trap a bear next door & shot it on the spot as it was killing all the goats around. Now I'm going to get a livestock guard dog and be done with the killings! They bark and chase everything off because you know some other predator will just take the bobcat's place!
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    Glad it was caught, did you get a pic of it??
  3. Wish I had a picture of it... I used all my film last wk on my new first hatch chicks! ha The trapper said he definately was the one killing the chickens and he would have come back until they were all gone. Said he just had one that came back somewhere else and eventually got all 60 of their chickens! I swear the chickens are smiling out there! [​IMG]
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    Glad you were able to get rid of it. I actually know where Cool is, use to go to camping/hiking in the Auburn rec area, my family is from Wheatland,
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    Wow best case senereo sp? You caught the cat before he wiped you out. Also the Cat didnt die for doing what Cats do. In the Case of Bob Cats relocation into the mountains is a cool thing.
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    Wow, great that the trapper was able to actually trap it, and kudos to the trapper for relocating the cat. We had one take out about 5 of our Guinea's a few years ago. The trapper came out, set his trap, and nada. One of the times it went after my birds (and had one in its' mouth!) I shot my 22 in the ground in front of it.... didn't want to kill it, just scare it off. That cat was so bold, it didn't even flinch.

    Living where we do though, predators are a fact of life. I'm a bit south of you, down in Somerset. My current problem is raccoons... had one get into our home earlier this week.

    Here's hoping you're free of pests after this!
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    iun maine,, they HAVE to relocate the animals they trap, unless it hurt a human. is good he was able to do it too,,, or next year you would be crying bout all those RABBITS!!! lol [​IMG]
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    Cool Chicks: We are practically next door neighbors! We live in Grass Valley, but a close friend of the family lives in Cool, so we know the area. [​IMG]
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    There is a high probability it will be back. Relocated wildlife are known for returning to their home territory. Remain alert.
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    Quote:Thread jack alert!

    Up here in Western Washington we have trouble with California Sea Lions hanging out in front of dams and chowing down on endangered salmon runs. One was so brazen he climbed up the fish ladder and just picked the salmon off one-by-one. The Fish and Wildlife people decided to try and capture and relocate them. The loaded them up in trucks and drove them down the west coast to Southern California. (As south as they could go). Those pesky sea lions made it back up here before the trucks did!

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