Lt Brahma 15 weeks Cockeral NorCal Bay Area

Discussion in 'Animals In Need of Free Re-Homing' started by MMMPeeps, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. MMMPeeps

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    Dec 27, 2012
    NorCal Bay Area
    Northern California Bay Area, California. 15 weeks old.

    I just found out she "Melia" is a he and I'm not allowed in my area. He is 15 weeks and has not yet started crowing. He will be truly missed. Looking for a new home. These are my first chickens so if you have any questions let me know and I'll try to answer. He is friendly, sits on your lap, comes running to you and follows around the yard. Has been extremely well cared for since a day or two old. Please let me know if you can give him a home...this pic is a few days ago

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