Lucille's Big Day!

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    This is Lucille, my plucky little rescue hen. We have been getting to know each other this weekend, as she just came to us Wednesday night. Before her arrival here, she had lived her whole life alone without a flock, in a cage, had never-free-ranged or eaten any greens. She wouldn't try the treats I gave her, because she didn't seem to recognize that they were food.

    But this afternoon she spent about 35 minutes in my lap, soaking in lots of affection, and watching the rest of our flock. Lucille is pretty clever! When the flock moved on to another part of the yard, Lucille jumped off of my lap and ran over to try the watermelon! She gobbled up a bunch of watermelon, then tried some grass too! Her first free-ranging experience!

    Gotta tell ya, I'm as proud as a mother hen myself!
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    May 8, 2017
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    What a great day! Tomorrow will be even better, Lucille!
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    May 11, 2010
    Good looking chicken!
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    Congratulations! She's beautiful. Thank you for saving her. :thumbsup
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    Oh my gosh! Lucille had such a great day! I came home & she was free-ranging WITH the rest of the flock!

    Last night, the girls wouldn't let her in her own coop. Tonight when I went outside to lock up, she was in her coop, roosting & sleeping side-by-side with Olga, my other EE hen. Love, love, love!!!
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    It's blue, it's blue!!! Lucille has finally started to lay again. She stopped when she arrived here because it was a bit traumatic for her to move to a new home with other chickens. But yesterday she finally left her first egg in the nesting box & it's blue!!! And I think she also inspired my other Easter-Egger, Olga, who is 7 years old & lays only rarely (not since February this year), because there were TWO BLUE EGGS in the nesting box!!! Wow! It was like Christmas, I was so excited!!! :)

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