Lucky Ducky(10WeekROUEN) HE? SHE?

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    My" Lucky Ducky", Rouen Baby was born in my Incubator & is going to be 10 weeks old on Thursday. Well I thought Lucky Ducky was a SHE. The feathers/colors looks just like the Female Rouen & still no signs of any green on his/her head. Feathers under the wings are white but theres white under both drake & hen. Lucky Ducky has a yellow beak & now has a white ring around the neck. I now think lucky Ducky is a Boy but NO SIGNS of Green. ~ Do ALL Rouen Drakes & Rouen Hens basically look the same? or Can the Drake have brown feathers instead of green? [​IMG] Lucky Ducky [​IMG] Lucky Ducky [​IMG] Lucky Ducky just a little younger(maybe 1 week younger) but shows beak color well.[​IMG] [​IMG] The brats really dirty the pool fast. was emptied all the way & cleaned just the evening before the picture. [​IMG] This is the Rouen Drake & Hen Thanks, ~Julie~
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    Yeah, I do think it's a boy based on the yellow bill. I've noticed that Rouens don't get their green heads until later than mallards.
  3. Im guessing Lucky isnt Quackin [​IMG]

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