Lucky gets a friend....PICS!

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    Apr 16, 2012
    Backstory short- Lucky is LUCKY to be alive, he was the only duck egg in a group of chicken eggs I hatched at school. He had to be assisted to life, splinted legs due to spradle, and has had rounds with watery eyes/bill. The chicks went to a ranch 2 days ago, but Lucky was never with them because the runt chick picked on him. So, Lucky has been a lonely duck.....he has a stuffed horse as his buddy. Today he is 5 days old and our local farm store finally got ducklings in. I decided not to get a similar colored duck for ease of telling them apart, I'm sure a good mama would have been able to, but they will go back to school for a week so I figured get a different color....(hope this isn't against some duck mantra).

    So, here are some pics...first, our last day with chicks at school! We ended up with a 50% hatch rate for the 13 baby Rhode Island Reds. These kiddos are K-2nd grade.

    Last night, Lucky got his first bath in a big duck bath...our sink! (He has been in a smaller Tupperware bath before). He wasn't interested in the peas at all! We snuggled after the bath.

    So, you think you can stick that thing in here with ME? I'm not whatever THAT is! Talking to mama.

    Lucky isn't real sure he likes whatever THAT thing is snuggling with his horse!

    We'll see what the next few hours bring. Lucky isn't peeping back to the newbie, but when I speak to them, he peeps to me, which starts the newbie to talking. If the newbie goes near Lucky, he scrambles away. Should be interesting to see how this relationship progresses!
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    I hope they are the best of friends soon!!!!
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    How cute!
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