Lucky needs special home

Dog Bluff Angela

May 26, 2020
"Lucky" was born deformed and was taken home to be raised by "Lynn," a Tractor Supply employee with a BIG HEART. Lynn carefully fed Lucky and got his neck straightened out from its original state of being flopped over (???!!!???) and poor Lucky still walks with a limp, as his leg was apparently deformed in the egg. He walks on the "knee" joint of one leg, but somehow gets around just fine! You cannot tell he's handicapped one BIT once he's in the water, but he has to be assisted to get into a deep enough water pool to have "fun" - deep enough to dip himself under and such. I took in Lucky to be a big brother to my "littles" (I bought some mallard and khaki ducklings at Tractor Supply this season), as Lynn knows me from being a T.S. store patron for years now. But having watched Lucky, I know he will not survive as a pond duck. He desires the human touch way too much, has no interest in being a wild duck, and will surely be killed by a snapping turtle, or some type of night predator - as Lucky barely "waddles" at normal speed on land.

I'm in Horry County, near Myrtle Beach, SC. Lynn truly wants to watch Lucky grow and mature. If ANYONE out there has a SAFE pond environment or even a family PET HOME with GENTLE humans and kind dogs that would allow Lucky to live in your back yard with a baby pool for water, please contact me for more information. Lynn cannot keep Lucky due to her residence not having a yard... ducks require a yard and WATER to be happiest.


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