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  1. Bob White quail

    Bob White quail In the Brooder

    Oct 22, 2014
    Dude you are so lucky.I have 4 ring neck pheasants of my own I could give you some advices I laso have bob whites so when I got the quail the person also had pheasants and boy did the pick on each other. to stop that you need or you should get peeper bits or blinders ASAP the baby pheasants are extremely cannibalistic the again how big is the brooder each pheasant should have .25 sq ft as chicks but when they get about 12 week old they each need at less 25 feet each so if you are keeping then you are going to need a big pen depending on the sex of the chicks if you have rooster than hens you need more room in more hens than rooster a lit less space in need. like I have one rooster and 3 hens so with the quail and the 4 pheasants the have a 16 by 20 ft pen and yes if you pay attention but yes quail and pheasant are good together as long as the have enough food space and ground cover. Good luck

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