Lucy the RIR is Egg Laying Champion

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    Feb 9, 2013
    Our RIR (Lucy) started laying one egg a day for the last 5 days without fault. She started to the day at 21 weeks. The first egg was very light tan and 2/3's the size of a normal egg. Pullet eggs improve over time and her last egg was slightly darker and slightly larger than the first four. Now, with that said, what about her thirteen other sisters of various breeds of chicken? Lucy is the only RIR we have in our flock and she is getting the job done but these other chickens are just lazy. I know, it could be up to 26 weeks for other chickens but that is just an excuse made up by lazy chickens. They must have a union, right?
  2. N F C

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    Dec 12, 2013
    Go Lucy! One of our RIR's (she's about 10 months old) frequently lays daily for 8 days in a row, takes a day off, then right back to laying. RIR's are great that way imo.

    A chicken union? Oh no, if we don't satisfy all their demands they would go on strike then there would be no eggs at all (unless we were to bring in a "scab" to work while the others are out on strike, lol).

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