Lump on chickens thigh


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Apr 20, 2021
Hi All,
I'm hoping to get some advice from one or more of you knowledgeable lot!
About two weeks ago, I noticed my pet chicken Indie looked wasn't holding both her eyes fully open, she looked a bit angry. She and my other chicken have confirmed mycoplasma (mg), my initial thought was that her face had swollen, hence her eyes were squinty, and I put both chickens onto a 5 day course of denaguard.
A week later, she's still squinty eyed. But she's eating drinking and walking as usual, I didn't worry too much about this.
Another week passes to this morning, when I picked her up and noticed a hard lump on her thigh, it's about the size of a large marble. I'm pretty sure she's been in pain due to this the past couple of weeks... as far as I'm aware this could be a cyst or an infection. I have a local vet who will see my chickens, but she's in isolation until Saturday. The vets have said they may be able to prescribe some pain relief in the meantime for her. I'm wondering if there's anything else I can do for her in the meantime myself?
The only antibiotic I have access to atm is doxycycline, would it be worth starting her on a course of this incase it's an infection?
Is there anything else more natural remedy that I could do for her under the assumption that it is an infection?
Thanks to anyone who read this! I look forward to hearing any of your thoughts

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