M.A.S.H. tent update!

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    You may have seen my other posts about setting up a M.A.S.H. tent Thought I'd post some updates! The Red Comet , Lala, is doing great! She's very vocal and active, and has been taking care of her injured sister. The Leghorn, recently named Chunky because she has a chunk missing from her torso, is doing much better! We were worried about her because her comb and waddle were so light and she wasn't very active and stayed crouched in the corner most of the time. But in the last couple of days she seems to have come to life and is moving around alot and her comb and waddle have darkened back up. We stopped the water antibiotics in the last couple of days but are still treating with the Vericyn (sp?) every day. Lala's scab appears to be drying up a little and is starting to itch a little so thats a good sign , I think! We let both girls out in the sun today while we cleaned out the tent. They actually ran around and tried to fly around the yard so I think they enjoyed the sun and exercise! My daughter was on hawk watch duty while they were out in the yard.
    Lala enjoying some time in the sun!
    Chunk actually held still for a picture!
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    so nice to hear that they are doing better! [​IMG]
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