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M y serama will not Brood

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Joe The Farmer, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. Joe The Farmer

    Joe The Farmer Hatching

    Feb 17, 2016
    I have 2 serama I got from a friend, they are a Rooster and Hen, They are healthy and seem Happy. I have a problem though, the hen has laid 5 eggs here and is not brooding them, she does however move them around and even seems to like the nest box ( old 1.5 gallon plastic plant pot) I have given her because she uses it.
    I have tried to do some studying on the serama but there is not much I have found to discuss this issue.

    Side notes

    they are in a 4ft x 4ft pen with a hay bottom
    they eat Layer crumbles, with scratch as a treat 1 times a month and greens as often as they will eat
    she lays an egg every 2 to 3 days
    we are in central Florida
    they are in the shade, but receive filtered light from tree canopy
    next to our other chickens
    both male an d female are together
    water and food is changed daily
    it has been really hot here lately, real temp 98 with our heat index has been like 102 to 110

    i really want to grow these eggs and my stock, so any help would be appreciated

  2. keesmom

    keesmom Crowing

    Jul 28, 2008
    Not all hens will go broody. I would take the eggs out. Replace them with some sort of ball similar in size to the eggs. If she does go broody then take the balls out and replace with eggs. If she does not, then you will want to invest in an incubator.
  3. Joe The Farmer

    Joe The Farmer Hatching

    Feb 17, 2016
    actually she has started brooding , she is on 7 eggs and is doing nicely, now to see if they hatch..... so is the old fashoned way the best or is the incubator the way to go ?
  4. NanaKat

    NanaKat Free Ranging Premium Member

    I seem to get a better hatch rate on my Seramas when the eggs are brooded by the hen. Serama eggs are affected by changes in temperature and humidity more than my other breeds...so opening the incubator for candling, turning etc drops the hatch rate.
    Nothing cuter than tiny Serama babies!
    Good luck with your hatch.
    I would suggest that your hen has water nearby in the heat. She should get off her nest at least once a day to eat and eliminate. She may do that early in the morning or late evening when the temps are comfortable for her.

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