Mad as hell- they're all gone..


8 Years
May 19, 2011
Came home early this afternoon from a bike ride. I noticed the pen door was ajar. Something pushed in the bottom of the door and all four pullets are gone. There is no sign of feathers anywhere. Hoping they somehow scattered into the woods. Any chance a survivor will find it's way back tonight? Never been out of the pen yet.
Oh no. I am so sorry. I don't know what it could have been. I will pray that they are all hiding and come home safe and sound. Do you have anyway that you call them to you? If so try that and walk around. Good luck. And
from GA, so sorry it is under these circumstances.
So sorry to hear that. I hope they are hiding somewhere. Many moons ago we put a bunch of young pullets in a barn at a friends' house. All but 5 were snatched on the first night. The 5 little survivors came out of the bushes after I had nearly gone catatonic from the shock. If they are still alive, they will stick around "home".
I'm thinking they were stolen. No Blood no feathers = person / kids . Anyone pay particular attention to them outside the household?
This happened to me once, but I got lucky

Turns out I forgot to lock the coop the night before, and the next morning they pushed thier way out, they wondered over to the nieghbors yard and he had no Idea i kept chickens until I was knocking door to door.

So, ask the nieghbors, they might know something!
Mikee, I feel with you. I just "LOST" 6 of my 8 chicks. They were about 2 months old and I loved them. The day after a bad hail and wind storm I noticed 6 were just MISSING. No evidence of feathers, blood.... nothing. My 2 little bannies... and 2 peking ducks were still in the coop. Door left open and the 6 bigger chicks were GONE.... I have been sick for the last two days. I had just started leaving the door open because I had already lost 2 of my small ducks from snakes and I felt that if the door was open at least they could get out. My chicks had wings and could fly around around and I THOUGHT they would be ok ... So much for that thought. How could ONE predator take 6 chicks. They were fairly large???? I dont know I just wanted them to grow up so I could love em and have some eggs... OH WELL, looking to buy some ready to lay hens...
Daytime, whole chickens missing equals a pack of dogs that knew what they came for
they will rip right through chicken wire. Seen any strays lately? So sorry for your loss. Been there, done that.:'(
I had a barred rock go into our woods. It rained that night, which may have saved her. The next morning she was standing outside the pen with the rest of the ladies. When a neighbors dog got into our pen and slaughtered three hens, one survivor flew over the fence into the woods. The next morning she was back. The remaining three were so traumatized that they didn't get on the roost for several days and quit laying for a while. They seem to have a homing instinct but our woods is full of predators, so I worried--which I have a gift for!!

Edited to add: that same barred rock did that twice (She was a houdini). The one that flew over the fence was an austrorp (spelling looks wrong).
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I am so sorry! Unfortunately I know exactly how mad you feel. I lost 6 hens the day after Easter. I went outside to feed them and there was one body with no head or neck, another body in my garden and a third in my neighbors yard. The three others were MIA. I thought I forgot to close the gate and a predator got in. The following week I got three RIR, made sure the gate was closed and they were still missing the next day. People or animal? Not a sound was heard on either occasion and neither of my German Shepherds sounded off which was the most unusual thing.

SO, I purchased a survailence (sp?)camera hunters use, bought 2 locks for the gate, wrap the coop in bungee cords and keep a light shining on the run and coop. So far so good. 2 Marans, 4 Wellsummers and 1 Americana are safe and sound.

I hope you never have to go through that again. It makes your heart heavy.

Mary Ann

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