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Feb 20, 2018
South eastern Ky
ok so I am getting 12 chicks. Was gonna get three black austrolorp chicks at TSC and get three SLW tomorrow from a local feed store. Then six EE the 28 from the same feed store. I had the guy get three and was like that’s it. He said it is Ky state law I have to buy six at a time. I am sure I seen people get less than six before ( yes I have been to TSC getting chick fixes till I could get the rest ). So I called the feed store and he said get how many I wanted! So now I am not getting the BAL. This makes me sad and mad. My house is only large enough for the 12 I wanted a small variety in my ladies but I quest I’ll have 6 and 6.


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Jul 1, 2016
When I worked for TSC in Colorado, we had the same minimum purchases to preclude the customer from buying just one bird or two to help make sure they weren't being bought as just brief entertainment.

I did have one customer who'd purchased six chicks the week before, and when they came back in for three additional, I opted to let them get less than the minimum.

But - it does come down to the integrity of the seller...and the buyer!
Mar 11, 2018
Sorry :( here we also have a law that you have to get a mim. of 6 chicks and a mim. Of 2 ducks at TSC and rural King, and most hatcheries around here have a mim. Of 25 but I think Meyer Hatchery you can get any amount you would like, whether it's just a couple, or a couple hundred. Maybe check them out?

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Mar 9, 2014
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The 6 chick, 2 duckling rule is the same where I am in WY.

@Bluerosesd maybe you can find a local person to get your BA's from.

X2...or purchase the 6 and you are covered for potential missexings, lost chicks, etc. You can sell extras later. Or go in on a purchase with someone else who also wants less than six. The minimums are in place in many states or as company policy for many retsilers.

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Aug 12, 2014
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Yup, state law most places. We do have a local large 'green house/farmers market' run by one family, they sell fowl, chicks. I've bought just a couple ducklings or chicks a few times there, just tell them had only one hatch and it's lonely, so they've done it.

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