Mad City Chickens documentary World Premiere at Wisconsin Film Fest


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Witness if you will, Gallus Domesticus, the backyard chicken. A mere few pounds of feather, bone, and muscle. And yet make note of a most singular phenomenon now taking shape across suburb and city. From backyard eggs to the family's new favorite pet, the urban chicken is forging a fresh place in the pecking order of human importance.

From leading chicken experts to urban newbies, experience the humor and heart of the new city chicken movement.

The 81 minute documentary, Mad City Chickens was over 2 1/2 years in the making with more than 40 hours of footage, and it will premiere April 3rd during the opening night of the Wisconsin Film Festival in Madison, WI. If you're in the area, come see what all the squawking is won't be disappointed.


Dr. Michael Greger--world-reknown bird flu expert


Cheryl Long--editor-in-chief of Mother Earth News


Sankulay Jallow-chicken stories from Gambia


And a whole lot more!
This is just the first city. We are submitting the film to a lot of film fests around the country. Hopefully it will get into many of them. So those of you in other areas will get a chance to see it too!

After a film festival run it will be available on DVD. Not sure when that will be.

We will post updates on our blog of what cities the film will be coming too.

Also in the film:
Meet Consuela. A factory egg hen that refused to die...even after being gassed and dumped at a landfill.

To see more photos visit our flickr
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Thanks LCRT.

We plan to submit the movie to a number of festivals in Canada as well as throughout the US. And of course the Toronto International Film Fest is one of the top 10 in the world.

Here's a peek at the movie poster:

Thanks for your interest. We appreciate it.

As independent filmmakers, we have to first submit and get the documentary accepted into as many film festivals as possible. So we are currently in the process of submitting. If it is accepted into the Seattle International Film Fest, we'll be announcing it here on the forum as well as on our blog so we'll let you know.

We're also looking into a limited theatrical release, and if this happens, Seattle will definitely be among the cities where we'd want it to screen.

Thanks again for your support.

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