Made a PVC roosting pole for the tractor....

Oliver Douglas

Mar 25, 2015
I read about the pitfalls of PVC, so I took my file and roughed it up to the point that it is no longer slick. Made of 1 inch PVC, with a stable base and 30 inches of roosting space. I put it together because our little rooster likes to be on top of things. He still flies around the tractor. I placed it outside so they could all get a good look at it, and then bravely placed it inside the tractor...they wanted snacks, not the toes, will ya? After 30 seconds of confusion, they acted as though it had been there since day one....ducking under it while they search for treats...the hens are more curious than the rooster...staring at it, stretching their necks for a better look...they are probably thinking..."Are we getting internet service? At least cable? Where's the remote?" Spoiled brats, they are. It's about 15 inches high.


7 Years
Oct 20, 2014
I'm not sure what size your chickens are ... But 1" seems very small to me, for a couple of reasons, it is kinda wimpy/bendy (2"+ would be better, or just a hunk of 2"X4") ... And a chicken likes a wider/fatter place to place it's foot when it perches on its roost ...

But if they/he likes it ... Don't mind me! ;)

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