Made homemade noodles for the first time

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    Apr 6, 2008
    I looked at recipes on here and used 1:1 whole wheat to all purpose flour. Dumped on the clean counter and broke the eggs on top (approximately 1 large egg to 1 cup flour) Then I started mixing it with my hands. Instant feeling of making mud pies when you are a kid only more fun. I kept expecting my mom (although deceased) to come in and ask me what was the idea of making such a mess. It was fun cooking, more relaxing than kneading yeast, far easier than pie crust or dumplings for me.

    I used them in homemade chicken soup where I used my left over roast chicken and made a rich broth. It was the best chicken soup ever. I actually rolled the noodles too thin but I was so amazed the dough would handle so well. Got lots of good comments at church supper last night. They were trying to figure out what the noodles were.

    For those who haven't tried it I highly recommend you do. It would be fun to do with a kid (probably more mess but worth it). There are more detailed recipes on here; I used the search and there are several. It is a good way to use some extra eggs too.
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    Yeah, making noodles is fun. [​IMG]

    I just made SpƤtzle (traditional German noodlish kind of thing) to go with a beef stew. It was yummy and fun too! Another time, try rolling out two thin sheets, and sandwich herbs in between. Roll it out a bit more and slice with a pizza cutter into squares or diamonds, or into shapes with a cookie cutter if you want to get fancy.

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