Made MissPrissy's YOGURT yesterday

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    I had to drive to the northwest side of Indianapolis yesterday to the Traders Point Creamery to pick up some garden microbes, nutrients, etc. to put on my garden this spring from one of the "farmers" selling his products at the Saturdeay Farmers' Market there.
    I bought a quart of the creamery's "not-fo-human-consumption" raw milk (for the dogs of course - hrumph) and a $5 quart of their prize-winning plain yogurt (delicious). Anne and I were eating some when I remembered that MissPrissy had directions for making it. Hmmmmmmmm...

    I went to Target and bought an Igloo 26-quart cooler for about $20. Poured the large pan of boiling water into it after sterilizing two quart jars in it and proceeded to make the yogurt. I heated two quarts of 1% milk to 185 degrees (used Anne's meat thermometer because I couldn't find a "candy" thermometer in two stores) and let it cool to 110 degrees (took about five minutes with ice on outside of pan). Then I stirred in 1/4 cup of the expensive yogurt into the pan with the two quarts of 110 degrees milk. After mixing well, I poured the milk into two sterilized one-quart glass jars and put on the lids (not tight).
    Then I filled two other quart jars with boiling water.
    I empted the hot water out of the cooler, set the two jars of warm milk into the cooler with the two jars of boiling water and closed the lid.
    After ten hours I took out the two quarts of milk (finished yogurt) and put them in the refrigerator to cool.
    For $1.65 (83 cents for each quart), this morning I have two quarts of yogurt that are both identical to the one $5 quart I bought yesterday. Anne and I both think that it's great, and so will the chickens along with their greens.
    I'll save 1/4 cup to make two more quarts in a couple of days. This is NEAT!

    THANKS AGAIN, MISSPRISSY! (Luv that woman!)

    By MissPrissy on BYC

    First you need a good starter of plain yogurt culture. You can buy it dried but the best way is to buy a container of good yogurt that you like to eat. Plain yogurt. Nothing with fruit or other flavors in it. I use Stonyfeild Farms Organic plain yogurt. It has 6 different types of active yogurt cultures in it.

    If you want a thick yogurt you will need a small box of powdered milk.

    Cow milk or goat milk will make good yogurt.

    Using quart sized mason jars - Sterilize the jars and lids.

    1 quart of milk mixed with 1/3 cup powdered milk.

    Using a candy thermometer heat the milk slowly to 185 degrees.

    Remove from heat.

    Allow to cool naturally(or set pot in a ice water bath and carefully watch the temp -it will drop fast while stirring) to 110 degrees.

    Stir in 2 heaping tbsp of your plain yogurt. Mix well until all is dissolved.

    Pour the mixture in your quart sized jar. Wrap in a dishtowel to insulate.

    Using a second jar, fill it with boiling water. Wrap it in a dish towel to insulate.

    Place both jars in a small cooler that you have heated with hot water****. Allow the yogurt to cure for 10 - 12 hours. When the milk is set to a solid it is ready. Refrigerate and serve cold.

    If you do this in the morning you will have fresh yogurt for the following morning.

    ****Do not leave water in the cooler. Fill the cool with hot water while you are preparing everything then pour it out. You simply want a warm place to incubate your yogurt cultures.
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    Joe, I'm rather surprised at you. You usually have the math down a little more accurately than didn't say what you paid for the 1% milk, but I'm guessing it was around 2.50? Then the 5 dollar qt. of yogurt, then the 20 dollar cooler.....
    I can't figure out your math
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    But once you absorb that other 25 bucks.....well, then you've got yourself quite a deal on some oooooowwweeee goooooood yogurt.
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    Quote:LOL Okay, you caught me. Guess you can figure out who does the shopping around here. I had no idea of what milk costs so I guessed at $3.30 per gallon. I only used half of the gallon jug, so if milk's $2.50 a gallon, then the two quarts of yogurt were only $1.25 (63 cents each). I'll ask Anne what she paid for the milk when she wakes up (any minute now).

    We would've and did eat all the $5 yogurt anyway.
    The $20 for the small cooler?
    Actually we have a larger one that I could have used, but Anne wanted a smaller one for other uses, so...
    BTW, I'm going to Google "candy thermometer" and buy one on the internet. Most stores only have meat thermometers, and I don't want to travel all over town looking for one.
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    As bad as I hate to plug them....wally world has them and so does Miejer.
    Add another 5 bucks! But it'll come in handy.
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    Quote:Right, and maybe Anne'll fix me some FUDGE.
    Thanks, there's a nearby Miejer. I'll try there first.

    BTW, Target carries one too, but they were out.

    Edit: Anne's up! It's about time! You were right, she paid about $2.50 a gallon for the milk.
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    I got tired just reading your post... you have more energy than I do today, but I guess it was easier than it sounds.

    After cleaning the coop and shopping yesterday, all I wanted to do was nap and watch basketball.... and all of my teams are done now anyway.
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    Quote:LOL Well then get off your butt and make some yogurt.
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    I'm impressed. [​IMG]
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    After all this time? After the kraut? After all the raw foods? After all the fermented food threads? Now? NOW? You decide to make the easiest of them all?

    Great job. Your a DIY yogurt junkie now. [​IMG]

    I am glad I saved you some money. In a couple months the savings on the expensive yogurt will pay for the cooler. It is now a part of your gourmet kitchen gadgets - a real investment if you ask me.
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    Quote:When Anne came home from orchestra rehearsal last night, she stopped off and got a gallon of milk. I ended up making two full half-gallon jars of yogurt for $2.50 at about 10 P.M. using a half cup of the yogurt that I made the last time. They were ready to put in the refrigerator when I got up this morning.
    BTW, I've learned that it's a good idea to fill the empty space in the cooler with a large towel wadded up; it helps hold the heat from the hot-water jars.
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