Made Our Own Super Egg Layers - 43 Days Straight So Far

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  1. We have 4 girls that we hatched here. It started with a Rhode Island Red Roo and 6 Barred Rock Hens that we bred together to get Black Sex Links. When the Sex Links were of laying age we bred them with a Leghorn Roo. With the Barred Rock being the dominate gene in Sex Links and mixing with the Leghorn the chicks came out pure white and once they feathered out look just like White Rocks. So we kept 4 girls and raised them up. They started laying at 18 weeks and now all 4 of them are on an egg laying spree that has lasted for 43 days. We do not give them hormones or anything. They eat Purina Layena feed and are given popped pop corn once a day as a treat. And through heat and storms and such, each one has layed an egg every day without fail. They are free ranged and extremely spoiled.
    We are now hatching a second generation from the 4 girls who were bred with a white roo that is one of their hatch mates. We are interested to see if they will also start laying that early and that often. And yes they did turn out all white for a second generation.
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    Sounds like a winner! What will you call your breed? Can you make a breed? [​IMG]
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    Hi ....Florida

    How exciting for you! We have three 7 week old BOs (2 pullets, 1 roo) and we have two Plymouth Rock Bantam girls about 16-18 weeks old. We have gotten 1 egg every day since June 11. We dont know if the Rocks are taking turns or if it is just one of them, but it sure has been fun!!!

    Lucky you!!! [​IMG]
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    Sounds like an interesting breed...I wouldnt mind trying some of those eggs. [​IMG]
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    what color egg? what size?
  6. They lay a large off white egg. From looking at the chickens they look just like a White Rock but the legs don't always come out yellow. If production holds true for the second generation we will probably offer hatching eggs this next spring for those that are interested.

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