Madison chicks


Mar 2, 2011
I have read all your posts and questions about Madison chicks. I had several 3 years ago until the mountain lion came. All I have been able to get Purely Poultry tell me is that it is a cross between Rhode Island red and Barred Rocks. they were the best egg layers I have ever had and I live at 7000' elevation and it is cold and they never quit during the winter. Big eggs too. I believe they laid 300 per year.

I wanted to try my own crossbreeding but I would like to be more certain about the cross than I think i am. does anyone have anymore info about the way they were ever crossed? what breed to what???

there has to be a way to find since Purely Poultry won't tell us much.

I did find out it was a breeder in Wisc that produced them and they were just the middle man. What I would give to find out that crossbreeding.

They appear to be a "hatchery mix breed" and a new one at that, so there's very little info on them let alone on their heritage. One person on the thread said RIR x Sussex but the little to no info on them sounds like you'll probably have to do test breedings yourself. I'm not sure if a feedstore would ever release a successful mix breeds heritage, they'd probably lose money. Good luck breeding :D

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