Maerks disease

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    Apr 20, 2009
    Has anybody had a break out of Maerks disease in their flock and had them survive? We had one 2 year old hen, very lethargic, would not eat or drink had yellowish white poops and a couple days later heavy labored breathing.

    We had her put to sleep and sent to UGA to find out what was the matter fearing something could spread through the flock. They came back with disseminated Lymphsarcoma and said it was a cancer associated with Maerks disease.

    Immediately stared giving the rest of the flock Olive Leaf Extract in their water and food.

    Has anyone had this kind of thing happen to them? What are our chances of keeping our flock healthy?
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    Once your flock has been exposed to Mareks, they will always carry it. Some will display symptoms which eventually lead to death, and others will remain symptom free but will still carry it. There are a lot of good threads about the disease. Learn as much as you can and in this case knowledge is power.

    Good luck with your flock.

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