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    Aug 17, 2018
    We lost a chicken do to maggots getting in her impacted vent. It was really sad to know they will eat them alive. She was too far gone when we noticed and had to put her down.

    3 weeks later we had a Pekin duck get attacked by a dog. She had a fleshy wound around her tail area. We cleaned her up, but she also got maggots really bad. I thought we should put her down as they were inside her. My husband wanted to try and save her, so we filled a 5 gallon bucket with warm water and about 1/2 cup of bleach. We held her in the bucket for 10 mins watching the maggots rise to the top of the water. We took her out, rinsed her and did it again. We then sprayed her with Vetricin. She SURVIVED! Between drowning the maggots and making her bum smell like bleach rather than smelly, decaying skin, the maggots left and never came back.
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    That’s great news, however I would be cautious about using bleach. Epsom salt works well. I would also spray the injured area with Vetericyn as well.
    Good luck with keeping those nasty critters off your birds!!!!

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