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Jan 4, 2009
My chickens wounds are drying up. Where the skin is ripped off the flesh, the skin flap is turning black and dry, maggots are all gone. In working with the chicken "up close and personal" I see that there is a substance seemingly glued to the base of the feathers close to the skin. It is beige and hard about the size of a kernal of corn but flat. Does any know what this might be? Also this chicken has no feathers on her underbelly and around vent. Is this normal?
It might be lice/mite eggs...
Hopefully some of the experts will chime in and help you out..
Lice eggs on people look like a speck of dandruff but is around the hair shaft. It can'g be just blown off or brushed off. It has to be pulled off. The actual lice bug crawls along the skalp spreading their eggs on the hair shafts. In chickens I have no idea. They don't have thin hair shafts but maybe they adhear to the fine feathers. Again, i'm no expert on this subject. Just thought I might chime in.
I dont see anything moving but it does look like dirty dandruff stuck together.
O.K, Ill cut off the dead skin when I Dr. her tonight. I dont have the ability to post pictures. This stuff is not near the wounds, its like, all over her on the fine feathersnext to her skin., its clumps of hard beige stuff going up the shaft of the feather about a half inch. Is her underbelly supposed to be completely bald? The skin is not irritated, just bald.

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