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    *hi! What can you tell me about my hens ear pads. I notice they change color & stuff! Just wondering.
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    Feb 3, 2008
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    I was told when I was 1st day new to chickens that a pullet isn't ready to lay until her wattles, comb and ears turn really red. I have noticed how bright and red Brandy's get just before she starts getting "Murk-murky" needing to lay. She gets rather pale in those areas a few minutes before she actually drops the egg. About ten minutes later she gets a good bit of the color back. Is that what you're talking about? On the other hand, Penny, my Silky Serama bantam hen has a rather pinkish color in her comb, wattles, and ears which never seems to ever turn bright red. She lays every other day just the same. I'm wondering if she may be anemic and I'm going to collect a stool sample for my vet to check asap.
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    Chook's comb/wattles are REALLY red. What's gone pale is her LEGS! BUT, Her EAR thingy's are ICE BLUE now, go white when she lays, greeny-yellow when she isn't up to snuff, etc. See, I don't know what they're called. I have to turn off pics b-c they're too big for my cell ph., so I can't study the chkn anatomy stuff til I get to the library-- but it's the little leathery patches under her ears. They change color.
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