magnetic henhouse door?

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    we're building a new henhouse and have looked at magnetic pet doors (that have a locking option for when we need it). If a cat can push through I'm thinking a chicken could too-not much magnetic resistance (just enough to close it behind her). Has anyone tried one of these? We don't have electricity out there and want a simple solution. We're working on it now so if you have thoughts, send them soon! thanks!
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    Do you expect that door to provide predator protection?
    What is the point of having it close during the day?

    I use some strips hanging from some of the pop doors to keep the wild birds from flying in to eat feed. But, at night, there are solid doors to keep predators out.
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    I have not tried one because I usually don't use a door at all but I don't see the problem with it. As long as your attached run is predator proof and you have the option to actually lock the magnetic door then it should be fine. Im not sure what its purpose would be during the day either but I could see it as being a good draft protector at night if its drafty. Still I don't see what the problem would be as long as the coop is ventilated well so that door isn't holding moisture in the coop.
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    It's hard to completely predator proof a run. Your worst predator problems are typically at night when the birds are most vulnerable, can't see in dark. A latched door is their best protection at night. As for day predators it depends on your area what you can live with for run protection. For some it's mainly stray dogs, others hawks and that's only two of the common day predators but an example of how your mode of keeping predators at bay are very different depending on where you live.
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    Check out the link this may also serve the purpose.

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