Mahogany gold duckwing over lavender?

Cole Campbell

Aug 22, 2019
Hi! I’m wondering if anyone knows what would happen if I put a mahogany gold duckwing (e+/e+, s+/s+, M/M) roo over a lavender hen, who I’m assuming would be E/E extended black diluted by lavender.
My guess: they would all end up black (bc E/E is dominate). Split to lavender. Would that also cause them to carry recessive duckwing (e+/e+)??? My project is to create a lavender version of the mahogany gold duckwing but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get the patterning from the duckwing back after outcrossing to a lavender.


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Oct 16, 2010
Lavender Isabel or gold duckwing is possible so sayeth the chicken calculator. Something is diluting the mahogany and didn't take time to study what that was. Thought Lav only diluted black.

If you breed the F1's and hatch a ton the odds are 1 in 16 for that pattern. In other words 1 in 32 female Lav isabel duckwing and 1 in 32 male.

If backcrossing to the F1 split lav for body type or you only managed one sex of good quality that's lav with duckwing would produce the pattern 1 in 4 hatched.
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The Moonshiner

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Nov 17, 2016
Yes it will work. The offspring will be extended black/duckwing. The females will be black or almost completely black. Males will most likely show from some to quite a bit of leakage.
They will all carry one lavender gene and one mahogany gene. Best plan would be breeding those offspring together. You'll get a 25% chance to produce a pure duckwing pattern. Also a 25% chance for each a bird that expresses lavender or one that is mahogany. The key would be to get one that is lucky enough to get all three things. You'll have to get lucky, or hatch a lot of chicks or take it to another generation.
I've done what you're wanting and to be honest with mahogany isn't very different then without. Lavender does dilute all gold tones so it will dilute the mahogany.
To compare search Isabelle leghorns. They're a common lavender gold duckwing pattern. At on point someone was breeding Isabelle welsummers. I'm sure you can search and still find a couple pics. They did also have mahogany so the pattern youre looking to achieve.

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