Mahonri's 2nd Annual NYDHatch, watching them grow...

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    -HOW MANY CHICKS WILL MAHONRI HATCH? you don't have to be hatching to play this one!! see below

    On December 11th at Noon we sat Chicken eggs... (1,935 eggs set & accounted for so far) Duck eggs were in a week ago. Quail will go in on the 14th or 15th...not sure, I don't do quail... yet.


    124 BYC members participating!

    Nifty (and Mahonri) are awarding the NYD Hatch a number of GFM 6 month memberships to give to some lucky winner participants.
    One will have the choice between a 6 month GFM OR a new BYC 2011 Calendar.

    If you are participating please go HERE and fill out the form.

    And here for the results-- Results

    The Contests

    -First Chick Hatched after midnight
    -Best Hatch rate % set/hatched
    -Cutest new chick pic
    -Best overall participant - (gets to choose between a 6 month GFM & a Calendar.)
    -HOW MANY CHICKS WILL MAHONRI HATCH? you don't have to be hatching to play this one!!
    -...other recipient to be announced! stay tuned!

    So, the plan for most all of us was to put the eggs in at NOON (Local time) on Saturday, December 11th, 2010.
    Here is the web clock we all need to use to syncronize our computers
    Atomic Clock it's close to within 2 seconds AND you will probably have to change the time zone, but it's easy.
    FIRST CHICK HATCHED: Obviously this is an honor system contest. We are using the clocks for our own LOCAL TIME. When your first chick is completely out of the shell AFTER MIDNIGHT, *12:00:01AM on the 1st of January, 2011 you take a pic of it IN THE BATOR if possible and then you go to your computer and take a pic of the time on the Atomic Clock, posted above, of the time where you are. We are setting at Noon our time in each time zones because there will be early hatchers... there always are one or two in a hatch that pop out early. We hope by starting at NOON that gives us a better chance of not having too many hatch on Friday the 31st thus putting them out of the 1st chick hatched for 2011 contest. .

    Our Aussie participants will be setting their eggs long before most of us!!... otherwise their eggs wouldn't hatch until late on the first or the second if they waited to set them till noon Arizona time.

    BEST HATCH RATE CONTEST: Tell us how many you have cooking and then don't go back and edit your post where you tell us how many eggs you start with. We'll need that info by Monday at latest. When the hatch is over, you'll take a pic and post it to show us how many you actually got... it would be nice if we could count them.[​IMG]
    In the event of a tie, the one who hatches the most chicks wins.
    Cutest Chick Picture: Pic will need to be taken by or before 11:59PM on Jan. 4... I'll be asking folks in the hatch to help me judge. I may even ask a couple of moderators to help out if they are willing.

    Guess for # of chicks Mahonri hatches need to be made before 11:59:59PM on the 15th. The guesses will be posted below..
    If you are not part of the hatch, I'll post your name with your guess below the participants names.
    In order to help break a tie, guess the breeds of the first three chicks out.
    If you want to know what breeds are in my bator read the thread!
    OK here is the lastest "Official list" if you don't see your name on it and you are a part of the NYD hatch PM me. If I put you on twice, PM me! (I'm too tired to go through and compare again!)

    124 BYC Participants! NOT In order of joining....

    Mahonri (that's me) I think I'll get 40 chicks from my two bators ---Setting 82 eggs
    (Icelandic, Icelandic, Ameraucana)
    son of Mahonri- he's with me DS#3
    ginbart ---- Setting 41 eggs, (Mahonri will hatch 56 chicks, EE, Silkie, Marans) don't have SS
    gryeyes --- setting 21 eggs, (Mahonri will hatch 79, Icelandic, lav orp, BLRW)
    Dipsy Doodle Doo ---- set 32 eggs, (Mahonri will hatch 82, EE, silkie, MFC)
    NoSkiveez --- setting 51 eggs, (Mahonri will hatch 63, Icelandic, FBCMs, Lav orp)
    The Warden Co-Cheif on Mahonri Sanity patrol.---- 11 eggs set, (M will hatch 71, Icelandic, EE, MJ)
    Three Cedars Silkies (Formerly "oldtimegator")
    Lurken Turken
    SteveH ----------- setting 42 eggs. (Mahonri will hatch 82, FBCM, w/bwAms,Polish w/ wax)
    SteveH... the eternal optimist!
    Sumatra503 ---set 5 eggs,
    dsqard ---- setting 23 eggs, (Mahonri will hatch 55, Icelandic, Lav orp, silkie)
    jenjscott ----set 61 eggs.
    Lotsapaints ---- set 46 eggs, (Mahonri will hatch 52, w/bwAmeraucanas, EE, Silkie)
    Illia --- set 8 eggs under a broody, (Mahonri will hatch Icelandics, W/BW Marans, EE)
    cletus the rooster
    duckyfromoz ---- set 10 eggs, (Mahonri will hatch 73, Icelandic, w/bwMarans, Lav orp)
    NeeleysAVLChicks -- set 18 eggs. FROZEN!! A Mahonri Hatch Experiment!
    acid_chipmunk and (Mahonri will hatch out 43, Icelandic, Ameraucan, EE) GOOD BET!!!
    her hubby (SPORSTERJEEP) ---- these two setting 24 eggs,
    wolftracks -- set 68 eggs, (Mahonri will hatch 74 chicks, Icelandics, W/bw Ams, silkie)
    jerseygirl1 ---- setting 22 eggs,
    chillmiller (another one of my AZ peeps)
    kathyinmo (Co-Head of my Sanity Patrol) ----38 eggs set(Mahonri will hatch 56, 2 Icelandics, 1 Am)
    wegotchickens (Joining in at the end)
    mdulik ----- 46 eggs!,
    Happy Chooks--------23 eggs set, (Mahonri will hatch 63, 3 Icelandics first)
    MuranoFarms ----- 5 chicken eggs. (Mahonri will hatch 65, Icelandics, EE, Silkie)
    6 guinea eggs, (Mahonri will hatch 58, Icelandics, w/bw Ameraucana, Silkie)
    ParadisePoultry, 24 eggs set, (Mahonri will hatch 55, Icelandic, Icelandi, Ameraucana)
    call ducks
    halo (Got a doz. eggs from her!)------27 eggs set (Mahonri will hatch 58, 1st 3, Ameraucanas)
    Noncentzter ----21 eggs set, (Mahonri will hatch, 74, Icelandic, Icelandic, w/bw Marans)
    chicken stalker
    Nuclear Chickens --- 54 eggs set,
    debiraymond -----17 eggs set !
    pinkchick (will hatch a week early with the last of the 2010 babies)
    onthespot (I'm getting eggs from Patti!)
    StormyMoon ----- set 17 eggs!
    luvanimals2 -- set 61 eggs, will also set 48qual. (M will hatch 50, Icelanic, EE, Silkie)
    elieugene6 -- set 40 eggs!
    HeatherB --- set 90 eggs! (Mahonri will hatch 54 chicks, Ameraucana, Lav orp, Icelandic)
    minihorse927 ---- set 20 eggs, (Mahonri will hatch 74 chicks, W/bw Marans, EE, Silkie)
    cluckcluck42 (also starting a little early)
    NellaBean (if broodies cooperate)
    Hens and Roos -- setting 38+?? eggs (Mahonri will hatch 65, 2 Icelandics then 1EE)
    BHep ---- setting 35 eggs, (Mahonri will hatch, 69, Ameraucana, Lav orp, EE)
    PoultryPeeps -- set 76 eggs...
    justtoni44 --- setting 21 eggs, (Mahonri will hatch 64, Lav orp, EE, Ameraucana)
    superchemicalgirl ---- setting 29 eggs, (Mahonri will hatch 57, MFC, BRLW, FBCM)
    Rathbone ---- set 24 eggs,
    chickenhappywith10... 42 eggs set!, (Mahonri will hatch 43, Icelandics,W/BW Ameraucanas,Lav orp)
    ChickyChickyBaby is setting 48 eggs (Mahonri will hatch 53 chicks-- FBCM, Lav Orp, Icelandic)
    aka Rachel --- 7 eggs set, (Mahonri will hatch 56, w/bw Ams, w/bw Ams, silkie)
    goochgirl --- 6 eggs set...
    howeser ---- 47 eggs set... (Mahonri will hatch 53, FBCM, w/bwAmeraucana, Silkie)
    ksf59 --- 30 eggs set...(Mahonri will hatch 68, Ameraucana, FBCM, Icelandic)
    GAGE --- 32 eggs set.. (Mahonri will hatch 46 chicks, Icelandic, w/bwAmeraucana, EE)
    CorgiHouse ---- 14 eggs set, (Mahonri will hatch 62 chicks, Mottled Java, Icelandic, Lavendar Orp)
    Bob's Henhouse... 30 eggs set, (Mahonri will hatch 61, Icelandic, Ameraucana, FBCM)
    Chickenfarmer 1-2-b... 10 eggs set,
    Rainwolf 6 chicken eggs set, ?? Quail...(Mahonri will hatch 72, Icelandic, EE, Mottled Java)
    IdealisticRoo -- set 12 EEs,
    newlyweds --- 14 eggs set, (Mahonri will hatch 56, Icelandic, EE, Silkie)
    Raven1 ---- set 11 eggs. (Mahonri will hatch 68 chicks, Icelandic, Lav orp, Silkie)
    daisychick ---- setting 24 (Mahonri will hatch 66 chicks, EE, Icelandic, Ameraucana)
    LareePQG! truly saving me!---- setting 69 eggs (42 for me!)
    donnie ---- set 35 eggs, (Mahonri will hatch 73 chicks, EE, Lav orp, silkie)
    Cyrstal Creek --- set 33 eggs.
    dsqard -- set 23 eggs, (Mahonri will hatch 55 chicks, Icelandic, Lav orp, silkie)
    Mrs. Fluffy Puffy
    GoneHomeGrown2 -- set 15 eggs, (Mahonri will hatch 71, w/bwAms,Lav Opr, Mottled Java)
    Ms.FuzzyButts ------- 8 eggs set, (Mahonri will hatch 52, Icelandic, EE, Silkie)
    mamawolf544 --- set 15 eggs, (Mahonri will hatch FBCMs, EE, Silkie)
    featherz ----24 eggs set, (Mahonri will hatch 49, Icelandics, Lav orp, Silkie)
    Little Ameraucana Mom
    Blue Bird Chick ---- setting 13 eggs
    tcltoughmom (has to set a little early... goin' huntin')
    FrenchToast --set 29 eggs, (Mahonri will hatch 56, first three, Ameraucanas)
    tuthillny (from ol' blighty) set 14 eggs, (Mahonri will hatch 53, EE, MJ, Polish w/ wax)
    smfildes ---- 54 eggs set, (Mahonri will hatch 62, Icelandic, Icelandic, FBCM)
    Sugar Sand Farm ----21 eggs set, (Mahonri will hatch out 70!,w/bw Am, Icelandic, polish!)
    Hurley ---- 27 eggs (Guessing 44 for Mahonri--2 FBCM & 1 Icelandic)
    charmedbychickens ---setting 20+, (Guessing 61 for Mahonri; EE, Java, EE)
    okdfarms ---- 24 eggs set. (Guessing 73 for Mahonri, 2 Icelandics, BLRW)
    NoseyChickens ----15 eggs set..., (Mahonri will hatch 59, w/bw Ams, Lav orp, Silkie)
    Chookschicks----44 eggs set...
    Judges4 --- 7 eggs set...
    HBuehler ---- 111 eggs set
    chickendude1 --- 60 eggs set, (Guessing 76 chicks for Mahonri, Icelandic, Lav orp, Silkie)
    texasgal ---- 6 eggs under a broody,
    geebs -- 36 eggs set.
    donsmit5-- 36 eggs set...
    BobwhiteQuailLover - 3 bw quail eggs set.
    plecostrum -- set 48 eggs
    Non-hatching participants for "How many chicks will Mahonri hatch?" guesses below.
    sonew123 --- (Guessing 57 chicks for Mahonri, 3 ameraucanas hatch first)
    Danny39 ---- (Mahonri will hatch 61 chicks, Icelandic, Ameraucana, Ameraucana)
    alicefelldown--(Mahonri will hatch 68 chicks, w/bw Marans,w/bw Ams, Lav orp)
    KC in KY -- (Mahonri will hatch 79 eggs, Icelandic, Icelandic, FBCM.)
    Michael_H -- (Mahonri will hatch 32, Icelandic, Icelandic, Icelandic)
    RareBreedFancier -- (Mahonri will hatch 69, Icelandic, w/bw Marans, w/wb Ameraucanas)
    Pacsman --- (Mahonri will hatch 69, Icelandic, w/bw Ameraucans, EE)

    82 Eggs I set on 12/11/10


    Well my first dozen eggs are paid for... I'll be getting 12 FBCMs from Chookschick.

    I hope I'll have lots a peeps joining me by getting out the bators after Thanksgiving and getting them ready to set on December 11th for a hatch date of January 1st, 2011.

    What will you be hatching?

    My bators have been clean and stored since the end of April so I'm getting eggcited!
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  2. ginbart

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    Now you know I'm going to have to remember your dates so I can do the same thing. [​IMG] Now I need to find some Buff Orp. eggs.
  3. gryeyes

    gryeyes Covered in Pet Hair & Feathers

    Mahonri, you were the first person I started "following" in this forum, back in April or so. Way back when I absolutely KNEW I would "never" incubate eggs. Too much drama, too many worries, seemed like a lot of tinkering with things I didn't understand, sad moments of hatched chicks not making it, eggs not hatching, all that stuff. No way. Not for me.

    And yet I kept coming back to the Incubating & Hatching Eggs forum. And I continued to see your posts. (Plus, I really liked what you said/say in any post of yours I encounter.)

    Now I am addicted to hatching. Which means I experience all the things which formerly caused me to think, "Nah, NO way. This is not for me."

    So I am going to try to arrange for a 'bator to be free to be set with eggs on December 11th. (No, I am NOT stalking you!)

    What a nice idea, New Year's Day chicks! [​IMG]
  4. Pfffft! If my girls don't get back in gear, I'll HAVE to start buying eggs to set.
    Got the dates marked.
    edit 12/11/10:
    Got mine set:
    4 Naked Neck Frizzle green-eggers,
    3 Melanotic,
    1 Ameraucana,
    13 white Silkie,
    5 blue/splash Silkie,
    6 blue/splash silkie feathered green-egger...
    That's 32 eggs for me
    (the others are duck eggs and won't hatch til the 7th).

    Good luck everyone!

    edit 12/18/10: Candled the 52 eggs set the 11th and pulled 11 (chicken and duck) clears (most likely got too cold when we had the *flash freeze* here).
    Moved the ducklings hatched yesterday to a brooder, cleaned it and moved the chicken eggs set the 30th to that hatcher.
    Set 3 doz eggs (chicken and duck) eggs this afternoon.
    edit 12/27/10:Candled what's left of the 32 chicken eggs set the 11th and am down to 17 eggs --- 10 white Silkies, 3 blue/splash silkie feathered green-eggers, 1 blue/splash Naked Neck Frizzle green-egger, 2 blue/black melanotics (1 single comb and 1 pea comb green-egger),
    amd 1 black Ameraucana.
    Of the 20 duck eggs set the 11th, 10 are still growing (6 blue Swedish, 2 crested Pekin, 2 Ancona).
    Candled the eggs set the 18th and got 25 (chicken and duck) eggs developing.
    Got duck eggs (set the 30th) pipping this morning.

    edit 1/1/11: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
    First chick (eggs set 12/11/10 at noon) just popped out! It's a splash from a blue egg (can't read upside down shell, probably the pen with splash NNFGE roo over Ameraucana hen).
    Repeat after me --- "Set Saturday, hatch Saturday..."
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  5. easttxchick

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    Aug 3, 2009
    I may join you all if I can get some fertile duck eggs from my Calls at that time-one can never have enough ducklings! [​IMG]
  6. NoSkiveez

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    Now that I am "functioning", I will set some too! Hopefully I will set some WCBlue Polish, Cuckoo Marans (wont be too many, I have 1 possibly two pullets that should be laying soon). Im getting about 5 eggs a week from the 3 blue polish girls currently. Hopefully they will get back into the grove and start laying more steadily.
  7. Mahonri

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    Looks like we'll have a crew! And Linda.. you flatter me.

    And for you Duck hatchers... remember to put them in on the 4th... don't they take 28 days?

    Ducks really have to be patient don't they?

    I'm really thinking about talking Halo out of some of her eggs too... she has a good Ameraucana mix and I can always hope for that rare "White wheaten" that sometimes pops up in her flock.

    I imagine I'll have over 85 eggs in the bators so it should be fun. Last two times I got 43 chicks each hatch.
    I'm just hoping my April girls will start giving me some eggs by then!... that and some eggs from the BBL polish I got from Noskiveez would be a blessing too. Gotta see if the roos are doing their thing.
  8. jerseygirl1

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    Jun 20, 2009
    Orange County, NY
    I will also join!!! Have to mark my calendar a few days before..................Maye=be some black wyandotte bantams................
  9. bargain

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    Apr 13, 2008
    Bowdon, GA
    I will be joining you.... I'm really thinking and dreaming of silkies....reallly really but must kick out a breed to do this....Sigh not easy....I'm definitely setting some eggs....

    Really really really want some Lavendar Ameraucauna,,,,I have the rooster and need the girls!!!! Any leads.

    I have lots of birds laying if anyone needs eggs....Those split black lavendar orps, and lav orps, Delawares, welsummers, barred rocks, Leghorns, BB S orps and more.

    If my coronation keep growing at their current rate, I think they will have eggs in Nov. How huge they are! Well, I need to mark my calendar and plan.....The next 3 weeks we will be hatching out about 90 or eggs, I quit counting. Reminds me to check lock down - is day 20....One little one is one and more pecking/zipping! Go chickes.Looks like the hatcher was a bit dry I have a chickie out with a turtle top, part of the egg shell...Poor thing...S/he will just have to stay in there till the others hatch out!
  10. Mahonri

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    So glad you are joining us Nancy. For lavender Ameraucanas, I would check with Jean, (pips & peeps) she's got some great looking birds. I also think John Blemn has some.. you'd have to check out the Ameraucana Breeder's Club site.

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