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    Nov 23, 2009
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    A week ago today I set 17 eggs from my GLW and black Jersey Giant in the incubator (LG still air). The eggs are all brown-shelled, some fairly large. I have followed candeling directions from the sticky here, but I really have no idea what - if anything - I'm seeing. With my little LED flashlight, in a dark room, I can see the veins through my fingers, but not through my hands (just to give you an idea of the strength of the light).

    So, the first time I tried candeling (4 days ago), I could not see anything - EXCEPT the air cell, which I could see on all of the eggs distinctly enough that I could trace their outlines in pencil on the eggs. Which is what I did. Otherwise, all I saw was a shadow which I assume could be yoke. Just for fun, I candeled a fresh egg from one of these same hens, and although I did see the air cell on the new egg, I didn't see any of the shadow that on the other eggs I presumed to be yolk.

    This morning (day 7) I candeled two of the eggs, and still couldn't decipher anything - except, again, the air cell. In each instance, the air cell is clearly slightly larger than prior (i.e., extends beyond my tracing of 4 days ago).

    Is it possible to assess the fertility/viability/status of the eggs just via the air cell if I can't see anything specific other than that?
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    Candling is such an experience!

    Air cell size only tells you that moist is being lost; it does not indicate fertility.

    Brown eggs are difficult to see thru.

    If you aren't able to see the veins, and they are very thin, as the chick grows eventually a dark blob floats around until no light will pass thru the egg. Except at the air cell and sometimes an area at one end of the chick isn't filled yet with chick.

    Keep practicing.
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    Quote:Hello I'm from Ohio also where you located? With the candling thing, I have never been able to see anything with a LED light. I bought a candler from Meyer Hatchery, for about 16$ It works good. I can see where the air sac is even with Maran eggs. But to really see good I use this
    I don't really candle until day 10 and sometimes not until I take the turner out. I don't want to touch them too much.
    Good Luck Michele
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    Michele, do you just put it over the flashlight?? could you please tell is how you made it and how you candle with it??? I need help with my candling also and yours looks like something I can put together

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