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    Since I haven't posted anything in this section of the forum lately, I'm posting some new pics so maybe others will be able to use the ideas here. The main roost's top four rungs are from a very heavy duty pallet, nicely rounded and just needed nails pulled and sanding. The long bar is used as a walkway between nestboxes and the main roost, but also, outcasts/youngsters sometimes roost on it. This room is a later 12' addition to our original 8x8 coop.


    This big window is directly in front of the main roost. The hardware cloth screen window cover is hinged at the bottom with a latch at the top so it can be opened for cleaning. It prevents chickens from flying into the window and breaking it and allows the window to be left open all night, even with roaming predators.


    Viewed from the original coop. The doorway in between the sections used to be just a window; that window was moved to the far wall beside the main roost.


    This coop is part of an "L" shaped shed, the entire dimension of that leg is 8x12, but was not actually built as a coop. Currently, it houses my oldest ladies as well as my only bantam and two broodies who still have babies with them (one each, soon to be rehomed). We love the front storage area and built-in broody pen on the left. We still have all the nails and screws on the shelves in there and the cans hold feed and scratch.


    Here is one of the nests in the original side. The front barrier on the nest is actually landscaping edging, whose rolled edge is smooth on their feet and works great to keep the eggs from rolling out. We just nailed right through it and into the nest dividers.

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    Wow, I really like the idea of landscape edging. I've been wracking my brain to come up with an easy solution to that problem. Thanks.

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