Maine Coon Mix Cat in Need of Loving Home!-NY/VT Area...

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    Currently we know of a wonderful, older, Maine Coon Mix who is in need of a loving home. She currently resides with other kitties and she is seeking to find a loving home where she can get lots of attention, and love. She had been someones pet only to be dumped and never thought of again, where she is currently at they are giving her lots of love and good care but she shares her area with many other kitties, and she is getting depressed. She would love to find a new home where she can have another kitty in the home to keep her company if new owner goes to work, and someone who would give her lots of attention, belly rubs, hugs and welcome her to sit and lay on your lap if she would seek a lap to curl up into. She has good manners, and she is litterbox trained. She is a indoor kitty, she still has her claws, and we want her to keep them. She would love to lay on the back of a couch or sofa, soaking up the sun rays while taking a small siesta ...
    She prefers a quiet home with NO dogs! She is a awesome cat if given a chance.. We ask a small rehoming fee!!

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    Oct 3, 2011
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    She is very cute I wish I could help. [​IMG] Sorry
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    Thank you for caring--!! We try to help as many animals we can get into good homes!!

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