maine- last chance, wyandottes, marans,welsummersLF,cochin bantams

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    May 5, 2007
    central maine
    tomorrow night they head for the butcher so if you are in maine or can pick up tomorrow (sunday 9/13) they would be so happy.
    following cockerals are being offered $3-5 each depending on size
    solid red,Blue laced red, gold laced
    splash marans feather legged.
    laying hen 1 welsummer ($5 or free with one of the cockerals)

    if you want them call: 207-993-2949 and plan to pick up this sunday

    and a few younger
    black and barred cochin bantams (from frizzle line) cockerals- could go with 1 pullet each for $15/pair
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