Maine Shows and Swap Meets and poultry clubs

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    Jul 9, 2008
    burnham, maine
    I'm new and this site could be very helpful....but there is simply a dizzying array of posts to wade through, the search thing didn't I'm putting in a new post hoping someone will
    a)put in all the shows/swaps in Maine they know of or
    b) point me to the right place to look.

    Also, I noticed in other posts folks are telling you what day the shows are, but not offereing contact info, you can't just show up, you have to contact info would be GREAT too!

    Central Maine Bird Fanciers has monthly meetings (you'll see me there) except for July/August due to heavy show schedules.
    there will be a show this fall, I just can't remember the date yet........membership is cheap and the newsletter etc are worth every penny!

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