maine traders- buy, sell, trade what do you have?


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May 5, 2007
central maine
I just posted these on craigslist. these are for sale and for pick up in maine only.
I will consider trades for unrelated BLR wyandottes but I must be able to see parents.

blue laced red wyandotte laying hen- 1 yr old, lays huge eggs, and a 5 week old blue laced red unrelated youngster roo. (male on hold, hen available)
$15 hen only.
Young gold laced wyandotte pair $20.
Young marans, one cuckoo colored hen,feathered legs, will lay very dark brown eggs $15.
Bantam americana- sex unknown $5 (last one left).
Welsummer laying hen, laying very well -eggs are currently fertile $15.

new hatch 1 silver laced wyandotte, 1 blr wyandotte-more in 1 week
also guinea hatching eggs, I'm done hatching july 4th weekend
contact for pictures
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I will have silkie chicks hatching next saturday. They are from Webb Acres...any interest? I also have 4 RIR girls (about 5 weeks old)...
Sounds great. Please keep me in mind if the hatch goes well.


There are buff, b/s, gray and 2 unsure yet what those two are...
Spook, if you could do that it would be great!
Just use a clean box and keep my birds safely locked in the car for any in between time


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