Maine- True Ameraucana-Blue/Black pen- 6 plus- $10 plus shipping

Solsken Farm

12 Years
These very blue eggs will be ready for shipping on Saturday, April 4th.



Please email me. I don't always come on BYC, so email will ensure I get your order.

Solsken Farm

12 Years
I've had a number of folks asking for pictures. Let me try to take a photo. It is so hard with the flash to have them show up. It seems to fade the color. But I will try. If you look on my BYC website, you can see them with white and EE (blue/green eggs).

Thanks for the interest, everyone. I want to also say. I culled a number of birds to get these 4 layers. They have been laying for a few months.

I would be more than happy to send people a shell sample. Yes, even for a $10 order. I am just getting started selling, but I know how it feels to not get what you hope for in the mail.


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12 Years
May 7, 2007
Forks, Virginia
I am not concerned with hatchability. I have no place for any other breeds of chicken in my barns. I would like them for my Christmas tree.

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