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May 25, 2009
Long Island, New York
So now that the coop is just about done;) what steps do I take to keep my chickens happy and healthy? How often do I clean their coop and run? Do I need to clean the coop with any special cleaner or what about the Diatomaceous Earth? How do I prevent disease/illness? Thanks.
I had all the same questions and just kept reading on here and asking questions. I use the DE on the roost and in their coop and run. I clean the coop every 2 or 3 weeks. I have 13 hens and 1 rooster. We put sand in the run so they could have free grit and sand baths. Keeps them clean also. I just started using Apple Cidar Vinegar in their water to prevent worms. I let them out almost every evening for a couple of hours. I watch them like a hawk. They go in when it starts to get dark.

Im not sure what else to do. We put insulation in our coop so the winters wouldnt be so bad for them and on real bad days i am going to turn on their heat lamp so the coop can heat up a little. Hopefully someone else will come along and add to my 2 cents worth. Have fun with your new chicks.
You might try asking in Managing your flock, a lot of good info. I clean my coop every week (partly) get the most of it and freashen up the litter, mostly under the roost. They are outside in there run almost always as my DH gave them a covered deck (- the floor) and they have their sand and grass. Where I live it does not get to hot or cold very often so I will not have a heat source in the coop, I may lock them up when it is very cold, I don't know. They will take pretty good care of themselves.
Have Fun.
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