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    Jun 4, 2012
    I would like some suggestions for how to clean my coop. I'm a first-time chicken owner and I've been trying to figure out the most efficient way to clean it. I have only 3 chickens, and they get out in the yard a lot to eat grass, and therefore poop around the yard. With this few amount of chickens, how often should I clean their coop and how? Thanks!!
  2. Wow Lindypie, Welcome to BYC forum.

    Three is a nice number.

    Some of the process you follow will depend upon the type of coop you have. IF you have one that has a poop-tray, poop boards or removable floor, your task will be quick and easy.

    What I usually do is put pine shavings on the pull-out poop tray...You can get a big bale of them wrapped in plastic and compressed at a feed store, or TSC, I believe. I pull out the trays on a daily basis then with two kitty-litter scoops, and pick up the droppings to deposit in a plastic tub. When the tub is filled enough, I put it in the compost.

    other folks follow the 'deep litter method'. Usually that will apply to bigger coops and more chickens.

    You can patrol your yard now and then for droppings that are in walkways with the two kitty-litter scoop method.

    Now and then dump the whole poop tray into the compost, and start with fresh litter (pine shavings).

    When it is messy wash the poop tray and allow to dry before replacing.

    Wash waterers daily and refill or as needed, same with feeders----

    When needed or at least twice per year clean the coop throughly. (if it is wood you may need to repaint and to re-finish surfaces). It can be as simple or complex as you like---but that is one easy approach. HTH
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    Can you post a picture of your coop and set up? I clean out my coop once a year. I use deep litter method (DLM). It is really thick and doesn't need to be turned over and doesn't need to be scooped out, or messed with. No poop trays needed. The chickens themselves will turn the chips over themselves. No smell, no fuss, and not a lot of work, either. Right now my chips have been in my coop for about 9 months, and you'd never know it. It smells "earthy" in there. A nice smell. [​IMG] You have 3 chickens... you won't need to do a lot of cleaning... but that really depends on your set up. If you aren't using a lot of chips, then yeah, you might need to do a lot of switching out. I've got around 30 birds, not a whole lot, but a great use of the DL method.

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