Major squatter!


9 Years
Aug 20, 2010
Hennie is squatting up a storm! She is laying really low and does it all the time now! Today I shook her tail while she was squatting like another poster suggested and sure enough, she hunkered down lower and then shook me off when she stood up. I haven't heard an egg song yet, but I'm gone at work all day. It doesn't look like she's been in the boxes. However, every time I go check them, she jumps up right next to me to look in too. Sooooo cute! She follows me around like a puppy. The other 3 like me for treats, but Hennie follows me around no matter where I go. I have to watch where I step so I don't step on her...she's up my butt.
I can pick her up now too. I didn't get her until she was over 3 mos and she's a RIR so I wasn't expecting any bonding. I love her! Waiting patiently for my first egg. I wouldn't be that patient, but I have to wait 2 wks after worming them all last weekend so I have 3 more days for the time limit to be up. If she lays before then, I'll probably just take a pic of it and toss it. No biggie. More eggs shall come. Unfortunately, the other 3 seem far from laying if they need to look like her. Two have barely any waddles and one has medium wattles but nothing like Hennie. Oh well. Patience is a virtue.

One of my BR's is like that. You would think I am the Chicken Elvis when I get around her. Sometimes she squats so fast and low it looks like she is fainting. And she follows me around just talking up a storm. I pretend she is telling me how big and handsome I am......

I have a big ego that needs attention sometimes.
Okay....I read the neatest thing the other day on lady blew her first egg so she could hang it on her Christmas Tree. I thought that was the best way to celebrate your very first egg. If you can't eat yours that would be a wonderful way to 'save' it!

(you know, poke a hole in both ends and blow out the insides? It is called something and I can't think of what it is called)

Of course I had already made mine into scrambled eggs when I read it! But it was so small I thought when I read that what a great idea! Could have still had the scrambled eggs!
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How long is it usually? I'm actually not in a rush. Just curious. I wasn't sure if there was a general rule of thumb from the onset of squatting to the actual egg. I'm sure it varies, but I thought you more experienced people might be able to share your experience.

It could be any time really. I've seen squat posts asking the very question only to return later that day with an egg. My BA started squatting a week or two ago and is doing everything it can to NOT produce me an egg just to annoy me. She was just building a nest earlier for a few minutes, only to pop out without making a deposit. Cheeky chook...
My girl started squatting within days of laying her first egg, same with my leghorn, she did the squat move and then very next day I had a perfect little white egg in the nesting box! 1st egg was last week wednesday, 2nd girl started yesterday! Looks like we're on a roll around here!! Talk about a proud mama!

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