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May 29, 2020
Hi! I have a White Leghorn roo named Tino that is kinda aggressive. We carry sticks around just to deflect attacks and flogs. Then when I put a roost in the run he started attacking the wood that I made it out of 😅! One time he even pecked the screw very hard on one of these attacks and threw a fit in the coop ( Where he sits in a corner and clucks the danger call and attacks the walls of the coop). The girls think he is very annoying except my dumb Buff Orpington ( His favorite girl ), Hazel. Our lead hen Leia stood up to him as long as she could before she had to be moved because Tino ripped her comb in half ( She is adjusting nicely though ). # this is not Chickenhappy8708s account this is a family member.


Jun 16, 2020
Sounds like he may need to be isolated for a while until he calms down. And for the sake of your other chickens. But how is he? Has he been with the flock from the beginning or is he a new addition?

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