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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Stacykins, Jul 14, 2011.

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    Jan 19, 2011
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    Sometimes it can be hard making friends with chicks! My group of araucanas hatched nearly four weeks ago, and I feel like I am not making much progress on most of them in taming. I do spend time with them everyday, mostly sitting with them quietly in the same room where the brooder is. I do open it up so they can wander over to interact with me if they choose, but don't force it. Only one always runs over to me, hopping in my lap or on my hands to be petted and held, usually falling asleep on me. I've named 'her' London. But the others are so aloof. Should I make sure to hold them everyday, even if just for a few minutes until them calm down? Most make unhappy chirps when they get picked up, but settle down soon (like when I clean their brooder, I have to pick them up to move them into a temporary box).

    I have started to make them warm oatmeal in the evenings, just when their feeder has run out for the day (it is never empty long). I put the bowl right next to me so if they want the nummies, they have to come right up to me. Thus far it works, and they allow me to stroke them as they eat. But as soon as it is gone they run back to their brooder. Hopefully I can get them to learn I am big, but not scary!
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    It seems like you are on the right track! You just have to hold them, and interact with them A LOT, just like you are doing. I gave mine chick starter (or their favorite treat, grapes) right out of my hand, and after a while, they seemed to know who had the goods! Just keep working with them, mine are 14 weeks, and still not as tame as I'd like, but every day progress is made, and I have one friendly one too! Analise, who is a 15 week Aruacana, you have to watch her, or she'll follow you right out of the coop! Good Luck! [​IMG]

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