Making a Chicken costume for my daughter


11 Years
May 8, 2008
heaven forbid the kid want to be a fairy princess or something:rolleyes: Nope. She wants to be a chicken.
A Black Cochin none the less. Yes, she requested a specific breed. No amount of arguing would change her mind. I even offered to make her a WHITE cochin. But nope. She wants to be a black one like her Vivian. So I am adorning us with light sticks as well.

So far I have two black feather boas. I am sure I am going to need another two or three. I have red felt to make her a small comb. I have to find a black baseball cap. Dh isnt going to give his up to the cause.
Actually dh just laughs at me when I mention the costume.

I am thinking of a spray adhesive(?) to adhere the feathers to a pair of black leggings and a black shirt(which of course the kid does not have, somehow)

They just do not have chicken costumes in her size. Adult ones? Yes. Infant/toddler? Yup. 5/6 Nope.

Darn kid making me be all crafty, creative and such.

Anyone else making one? Or have you made one for your kid before? Advice? Ideas?

chicken stalker

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Aug 31, 2008
Binghamton, NY
My daughter also wants to be a chicken. I am going to buy a large hoody (one that goes past her butt)(she's 5) Cut off the excess on the sleeves so her hand are out but the sleeve itself will be floppy. Some yellow leggings/tights. I'm going to attach a red felt comb, googly eyes and a beak on top of the hood. Then stich a couple feather boas to it. Ohh and of course slip a pair of yellow dish gloves over the front of her shoes (hot glue). Hopefully it turns out as cute as I imagine it


11 Years
Mar 31, 2008
I think the ideas you came up with a very creative. It will look great! I would have never thought of the boas and the stockings. Maybe orange knee socks would look cute over the black stockings.

I bought a chicken outfit for halloween 2 years ago but it is a baby chick outfit. She wore it everyday. I couldn't get her out of it. I like how your daughter is very specific about the color etc. Good Luck. Would love to see a picture when you are through!

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