Making a SEX LINK go broody

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    Hey there! Can I make a Sex Link hen go broody? I am just DYING to have a broody hen! even though the babies will be hideous (bantam cochin frizzle daddy, red sex link momma) Can i like, put fake eggs in the nest? or something? [​IMG]

    Yes, I'm CRAZY!
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    You can't 'make' any bird become broody. It's her genetic makeup, circumstances, and hormones. The whole point of having 'sex-links' is that they are developed for higher egg production, and that includes trying to eliminate broody tendencies in the hens. Next year, get some cute bantam Cochins, and enjoy! Mary
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    As had been said, you can't make a bird go broody. However, sex links very rarely do brood. Here's mine with her chicks.


    Don't count on yours doing it though; it is very unusual.
  4. TroyerGal

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    Awwwww :) that's cute :) thanks for the advice!

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